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Beauty Club

3 - 6 de enero de 2019

Calle Los Cisnes, Padrón 261 Manzana 31 José Ignacio

Para más información puede contactar a: (+598) 95 746 802

Todas las actividades y servicios del Coco Beauty Club son cortesia de Chanel.

  • Makeup Coaching

    Learn the essential steps and beauty tips to apply your makeup products in a fun session. Bring out your creative side with our CHANEL beauty expert. You will learn the tips to get a perfect makeup, fast and adapted to your personality, with the products you have at home

  • Chanel Beauty Signature

    You will discover, thanks to CHANEL's signature tips, the essentials of skin care and makeup to achieve healthy skin, a luminous complexion, a vibrant look, and prefect lips. Our CHANEL beauty expert will guide you through the secrets to always look perfect in a few minutes. Discover the different uses you can give to the products you have at home, and discover the express application of skincare and makeup.

  • Skincare Coaching

    Learn the key steps to maximize the effectiveness of your skin care products and enjoy a moment of relaxation. During this session, discover the secrets of skin care with the guidance of our CHANEL beauty expert, get advice on healthy habits, and learn about your own beauty, with the products you have at home